An Ultimate Product for School Management
ERP for School
iSkoolMaster is a complete web based automation system which will change the traditional methodology of School management with its ease of use and features.

What is iSkoolMaster ?

iSkoolMaster is a highly advanced, customizable and comprehensive, web-based School Management System powered by the latest cutting edge technologies offering high compatibility in different working environments.

It's not just an application but a complete planning tool (ERP) that efficiently utilizes and manages resources of your institution in best possible manner. The system works as an integrated unified platform for complete computerization and interlinking of different departments at various hierarchies and gives complete hold over data.

Modules of iSkoolMaster

• Student Corner
• Examination Management
• General Awareness Training
• Library Management
• Transport Management
• Hostel Management
• Parent Interaction Module
• Super Admin Control
• Teachers/ Staff Corner
• HR/Payroll Management
• Account Management
• Online Report Generation

Architecture of iSkoolMaster

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